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As we adapt to "the new normal" of social distancing, there are many things that can be done remotely through simple-to-use technology without sacrificing face-to-face interaction. You can schedule an appointment with us online from the Contact Us tab. Meetings can be conducted via Zoom or Facetime. Virtual tours reduce the number of homes buyers have to tour in person, as well as the number of people sellers have to let into their homes. Electronic signing and closing allows you to complete virtually all paperwork via a computer or mobile device. We believe many of these methods are here to stay because they simplify the process for our clients. 


1. Virtual Meetings

We can use videoconferencing apps like Zoom instead of meeting in person. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera. The app  allows screen sharing, so we can walk you through contracts, property searches, consultations, presentations, and closings in real time. You can book an appointment from the Contact Us tab, or simply call/text/email us and we'll get right back to you. Once scheduled we'll email you a link to download any necessary software and connect with us.


2. Virtual Tours

For buyers, we'll set up searches that meet your parameters and you'll get an alert in your inbox the moment new homes hit the market. Many new listings now include 360° virtual tours which allow you to walk from room to room and look around from your computer or smart device without actually being there. This is a great way to eliminate homes that aren't the right fit for you. We can preview homes that do interest you, and either send you a video with feedback on what we see, or do this live via FaceTime or Zoom so you can ask questions. This is something we've done for our out-of-town buyers for several years.

For sellers, we will create a 360° room by room virtual tour of your property in addition to the professional photography we provide when we list it. This allows prospective buyers to tour your home virtually, so only the most serious buyers will need to visit in person, reducing the inconvenience and risks of strangers in your home. Click here to see a sample 360° virtual tour.


3. Electronic Signing & Closing

The vast majority of our contracts and paperwork can be done electronically. No need to print, sign, and scan or fax real paper, you can do it all online from your computer or smart device. And if you have questions, we can schedule a virtual meeting to go through them.

For the few things that must be notarized (usually closing documents) you have the option to go to the title company or we'll send a mobile notary to the location of your choice. Arizona now allows Remote Notarization as well, which enables secure notarization from a laptop or tablet with a camera with no personal contact. 


4. Wiring Funds

There's no need to go to the bank or deliver a check to the title company for your earnest money deposit and down payment/closing costs. The title company will send you wiring instructions securely to give to your bank. Please note: your real estate agent will NEVER give you wiring instructions, this is how wire fraud is often conducted. Please always call us first if your wiring instructions change.


5. Key Exchange

As much as we like the excitement of handing buyers the keys to their new home, we understand if this is a step you'd like to avoid. We will arrange to have a mechanical lockbox put on your new home so you can access the keys at your convenience.




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