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If you're considering a newly-built home, we're here to help! From this page you can search new homes in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area and understand your options. We'll help you sort through all the choices, as not all builders are the same.

Virtually all new home builders will happily let us represent you as your Buyer's Agent. There's only one requirement: WE MUST ACCOMPANY YOU on your first visit to any subdivision to register. After that you can come and go as you wish.

Click here or on the search icon above to begin searching for new homes (it will open a new window), or read on for more information.


Advantages of A Newly-Built Home

New homes offer some distinct advantages over older resale homes. They're more energy efficient, resulting in lower utility costs. There are fewer maintenance issues, and those should be covered by the builder's 2-year warranty. You probably won't need to remodel. And you may be able to customize the home to match your wish list.

Energy efficiency is a big driver for choosing a newly-built home. Better insulation and a tighter envelope keep cool air in. Dual or triple pane windows with special coatings keep heat out. More efficient HVAC and energy star appliances minimize the energy the home needs to run. Modern plumbing fixtures conserve water. Some even come with solar electric and water already built in.

Most new homes come with a HERS rating which is like miles per gallon for your home. A home built to 2006 standards gets a rating of 100, and the lower the number, the less energy a home uses. Typical older homes in the Phoenix area score 130, meaning they use 30% MORE energy than the current standard. For more information, check out our Going Green page.


Brand New Construction

Building a new home from the ground up gives you the most options. You pick the lot it will sit on, the floor plan and the facade. You select the cabinets, counters, flooring, appliances, and many other options. Some builders offer massive design centers where you can see all your possible choices.

The pro of building from scratch is your ability to customize almost everything. The con is you'll have to wait for the home to be built, generally 6 to 9 months. And there's usually a cost to upgrade beyond the builder's base finishes.

Some builders already include popular upgrades in their base price, while others charge for them. We'll ask each builder how much the most-requested upgrades add to their base price. 10-30% is pretty typical.

With brand new construction there are actually three costs to consider. (1) is the base price which is what they advertise. (2) is the lot premium, as more desirable lots will have a higher cost. (3) is the cost of your desired upgrades. Some builders will offer you a credit toward upgrades or closing costs if you use their lender. We'll help you understand your final cost.


Move-In Ready Homes

Builders will often have several homes that are at or nearing completion. They've already made design choices based on what they think a typical buyer will want. These might be called move-in ready homes, inventory homes, or spec homes (short for speculation).

The pros of a move-in ready home are you don't have to wait long for it to be built, and you know what the actual cost will be. The lot premium and upgrades are already built into the advertised price. You may be able to get a credit toward closing costs by using the builder's lender.

The con is you don't have much ability to customize. They've already chosen the lot, floor plan and facade. Depending on where they are in construction you may be able to make some changes to things like flooring or appliances, but in general the decisions have been made.


Why You Need A Realtor

As with any real estate transaction, the builder/listing agent represents the seller's best interests, not yours.

We can advise you at each step of a new home purchase, starting with a builder's reputation and the quality of homes they build. We'll ask the right questions so you can make informed decisions. We can help guide your design choices so you don't overpay for upgrades that may not be necessary or cost-effective. And we'll be at your side during each of the inspections to make sure everything is on track and done properly.

There is no cost to you for having us represent your best interests. As long as we accompany you on your first visit to a subdivision, the builder will pay our professional fees. We've worked with many new home builders, and we look forward to bringing that experience to you!

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a model home tour.


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