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Buy Now, Sell Later, Stay 6 Months


If you are upsizing, downsizing, or relocating, you may need to sell your current home while buying your new one. You could carry two mortgages for a while, or if you need the equity from your current home to buy the new one, you could sell then buy and move twice, or write an offer that's contingent on selling your current home (a difficult task in today's competitive market).

Knock Home Swap is a lending solution that allows you to buy your new home with no contingencies, move in, make up to $25,000 in repairs & updates on your existing home with no out-of-pocket costs, then sell your existing home for top dollar with your current agent. And you have up to 6 months to complete the process while staying in your home! Knock pays your existing mortgage and lends you the money for repairs, then is paid back from your proceeds when you sell your current home.

Clients that would benefit from this solution include:

  • Parents with children or older homeowners that might have issues packing up each time a showing is requested
  • Buyers who can't qualify for two homes at the same time, so would require a contingency to sell on their purchase offer (which is unlikely to be accepted in today's market)
  • Clients who just found their perfect home, but haven't prepared or listed their current home yet
  • Buyers who would like to avoid the stress of trying to perfectly time two complicated transactions
  • Sellers with homes that need some work to be ready for market, but they lack the funds to do it now
  • Clients that wish to avoid short term rentals and moving twice


The first step is to get pre-approved through Knock's online platform. This is a conforming conventional loan (versus FHA or VA) and you'll need a 620 FICO score and at least 30% or more in equity on your current home. Rates and fees are competitive with other lenders and can be rolled into the loan. Qualifying new properties are single family residences, condos, townhouses, and new construction. Your existing home must qualify for the program as well, with a maximum list price of $750,000. Matthew Hoedt is certified with Knock to provide this solution, and we'll take care of submitting all the required photos and information on your existing home for you.

Please contact us to get the process started or click on the chart below for more information.





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